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Project: Installation – Abstraction / Dancing Shadows, Designers´ Saturday 2012 / BAU 2013
Collaborators: Peter Thomas Hornung & Axel Schenke
Sponsoring: DuPont – corian
Fabrication: Häubi, Switzerland
Location: Langenthal, Switzerland
Year: 2012 – 2013
Type: installation
Size: 4,5 x 2,5 m


With our patented system we used Corians´ material properties and pushed it into a new dimension. Corian becomes interactive and integrates the people as part of the installation itself. This work was exhibited at the Designers´ Saturday 2012 in Langenthal, Switzerland and at the BAU 2013 in Munich, Germany.
Even though it may seem as there is lots of technic built in, we work with just one single external light source – a beamer. With a simple trick of light refraction the wall abstracts all kind of light and shadows to predefined shapes like circles, squares, triangles or polygons. The effect works not just on planar surfaces but also on amorphen structures. Due to just one external lightsource the “abstraction-wall” itself does not require any maintenance. The only requirement is in the material properties itself, which needs to be translucent. Due to the great response of our low-tech installation we are already working on products and new installations showing it in new shapes and skins.